Mutant Iso Surge

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Mutant Iso Surge



(Available Flavours Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream)
For choosing flavours write in comment box when you check out


Do you want to keep going through life with the same generic flavours? MUTANT doubts that you’d want to drop hard earned money on a chocolate that tastes like everyone else’s, or a vanilla that was flavoured by the lowest bidder. If you’re going to invest in an isolate, you want custom designed GOURMET flavours. That is why MUTANT made completely insane flavours! Including Cookies N Cream, Triple Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake. Everyone knows that MUTANT knows flavours. Hell, we mastered them with our other products. So we’ve used all that knowledge to bring you the best-tasting isolate on the market!

Amazing Gourmet Flavors!*
25g Protein Per Scoop!*
WPI Supplies Rapidly Absorbed Nutrients to Hungry Muscles!*


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