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(SYNTHA-6 Edge 1.7Kg)
(Available Flavours Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla)
As any athlete knows, protein is key to support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. SYNTHA-6® EDGE is great-tasting protein powder that can be used at any time of the day.
Combining a blend of different whey and milk protein sources with unrivalled taste, SYNTHA-6® EDGE delivers the same incredible taste you’ve come to expect from SYNTHA-6® but with an even better macronutrient profile than the original. BSN®’s exclusive flavour technology produces some of the most mouth-watering shakes imaginable, making protein supplementation with SYNTHA-6® EDGE so good you’ll think it’s cheating day.
The SYNTHA-6® EDGE ultra-premium protein matrix is formulated to deliver. With every serving you’ll benefit from:
24g of protein – To support growth and maintenance of muscle mass
Ultra-premium protein matrix
Use any time day or night
BSN®’s exclusive flavour technology delivers an unbeatable taste

(BSN Nox XE 30Serves)
(Available Flavour Fruit Punch)
BSN® introduces the next evolution of the pre-workout category. New N.O.-XPLODE XE™ EDGE is the result of a global search for unique, botanical ingredients that deliver potent results. The innovative Super Leaf Stack supports Energy and Focus with:
From the Amazon Rainforest and used by the Kichwa Tribe during nighttime hunting.*
From the West African evergreen and used by warriors dating back to ancient Egyptian times.*
A Tropical legume used in Ayurvedic medicine since 1500 BC.*
Along with a foundation of 325mg Caffeine, 1.6g Beta-Alanine, and 1g Citrulline blend, N.O.-XPLODE XE™ EDGE gives you intense energy, focus, and pumps along with peak endurance in just 1 scoop and will have you slamming weights like never before. Get your performance edge with N.O.-XPLODE XE™ EDGE!*

(BSN Amino X Edge 30 Serves)
(Available Flavours WaterMelon, Strawberry Orange)
Recovery Plus Energy & Focus
• 10g Amino Acids Per Serving
o Supports Muscular Endurance and Recovery
• Energy & Focus Blend
o 125mg Caffeine Anhydrous
o Ancient Exotic Chinese Ingredients:
 100mg Euphoria Longana (Dragon’s Eye)
 100mg LinderaAggregata
o Excellent Source of Vitamin D
o 5 Calories, 0 Sugar Added
o Efforsorb™ Effervescent Delivery System


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